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Why Is Early Detection And Breast Cancer Treatment So Important?

ByHyper Balmond

Jun 17, 2022

The most common type of cancer is breast cancer. According to The National Cancer Institute., over 290560 new cases are expected in the United States in 2022, and around 42,000 women and 500 men in the U.S. die every year from breast cancer.

Because breast cancer is so common, it’s best to know the symptoms of breast cancer so that you can begin treatment for breast cancer Orange County-based.

What Are The Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are several signs and symptoms of breast cancer, including:

  • A lump in the breast or thickening feels different from the surrounding tissue.
  • Change in the shape, size, or appearance of the breast.
  • Skin changes on the breast, such as dimpling.
  • An inverted nipple
  • Crusting, peeling, scaling, or flaking of the skin around the nipple or the skin on your breast.
  • Redness or pitted skin on the breast, similar to an orange peel.

Why Is Early Detection and Treatment Of Breast Cancer Crucial?

According to Scripps, early detection of breast cancer can save your life. When breast cancer is caught early, there is a 97 to 100 percent chance of survival. However, if breast cancer has an opportunity to spread to the lymph nodes or anywhere else in the body, the chance of survival drops significantly.

Because early detection is crucial, it’s best to perform a self-breast exam regularly and have mammograms to detect breast cancer before any signs develop.

Where Should I Seek Treatment?

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s essential to begin treatment immediately. According to the Mayo Clinic, research shows that people who are treated for breast cancer at medical centers dedicated to treating breast cancer have better outcomes than those who are treated at medical centers that treat breast cancer less frequently.

Breast cancer awareness is essential to your life, and it’s best to understand the symptoms, so you know what to look for during a self-breast exam.