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Tony Robbins Living Health Plan

ByLunox Lunox

Jan 27, 2022

Tony Robbins Living Health comes from incorporating a complete lifestyle that will energize the user to reach full fulfillment. His program encourages participants to discover the answer to three key questions.

Question Number 1

The first question asks the user to determine what he or she really wants and is broken down into two parts. The first part, known as the science of achievement, says that any person can turn any dream into a reality by setting goals to get there. The second part of the question, known as the art of fulfillment, encourages users to enjoy the process of getting to that goal. He calls on all users to expand on their lives.

Question Number 2

After discovering the answer to the first question on what the person really wants the participant is then asked to examine what is preventing them from getting it. Tony Robbins says the problem for many people who are not happy is that they fail to start with the end goal in mind.

Tony Robbins says that all reasons for missing the goal can be found in only three ideas. The first idea is a lack of clarity on what the person really wants and why. kampanye di media sosial The second idea is that the person lacks the tools to get there. The third reason people miss their goals in life is that they have emotional conflict that prevents them from moving forward.

Question Number 3

Tony Robbins next asks the participant to examine how they need to change their lives now. He believes that the first step in doing this is to resolve any mixed emotions in their believe system. He then encourages the person to become goal driven. Each step that the person takes must be a move in the right direction. He also believes in celebrating the little successes along the way. After the person has resolved the emotional conflicts in his life he or she needs to go back and help someone else.

The second part of the process is to find someone who is successful to hold the person accountable. They should develop a set of plans that are measurable to work toward the person’s ultimate goal.

The mentor must help the person develop a vision which they own for their own reasons. The mentor must then help the person identify the reasons he or she wants to get there. The person being mentored must understand exactly where they are in the process without any lies to themselves.

The Alkaline Diet

In order to have the energy to work on their goals Tony Robbins believes that the person needs to have the correct amount of acid in his diet. To do this Mr. Robbins suggests eating only vegetables. He further suggests that the person drink 3 liters of alkaline water every day. Further the person needs an aerobic workout at least four times a week. He has outlined all of this in great detail in his alkaline diet.


The person needs to identify what his end goal is and enjoy the process of getting there using Tony Robbins Living Health. He or she needs to identify what is stopping them from getting there. They need to work with a mentor to get to the end goal. This is Tony Robbins Healthy Living plan.

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